Public Procurement

Verslo Aptarnavimo Centras UAB (VAC) carries out its own procurements, as well as plans and conducts procurements of goods, services and works for the following companies of the Lietuvos Energija Group (its shareholders); Lietuvos Energija UAB, Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba AB, LESTO AB, LITGAS UAB and Technologijų Ir Inovacijų Centras UAB.

VAC, being a contracting authority, carries out procurement in accordance with procedure established in the Public Procurement Law of the Republic of Lithuania and the simplified procurement regulations of the company.

The website of VAC contains all draft technical specifications of all procurements in progress, except small-value procurements, reports on procurement procedures and information on the procurements in progress.

Information about the procurements in progress is also published on the Central Public Procurement Information System (CPP IS): The latter information is also published in the supplement “Information Notices” to the Official Gazette (except small-value procurements).

CPP IS also contains information on the draft technical specifications of planned procurements of the value above the small-value procurement limit. Suppliers are invited to make their comments and tenders regarding published technical specifications. Tenders can be submitted via CPP IS or by sending them to the email addresses provided in the published technical specifications before the deadline for submission of tenders.