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Verslo Aptarnavimo Centras UAB (VAC) provides public procurement and accounting services to Lietuvos Energija Group.
VAC has been providing public procurement services since 1 October 2014. At present, VAC is carrying out procurement procedures for the Group’s all companies holding the contracting authority’s status.

A couple of months after its establishment, on 1 December 2014, VAC launched accounting services. The ranks of procurement experts were joined by accounting specialists from all the companies of the Group, thus including the accounting function into VAC as well.

VAC is expected to start providing labour relations administration services to the Group next April.

Through provision of services and support to the Group’s companies, a substantial contribution is pursued by VAC ensuring the following:

  • cutting down operating expenses of the regulated Group’s companies;
  • fostering competences;
  • high level of conformity of the procurements carried out by the Group’s contracting authorities, the effective acquisition of resources on the terms and conditions acceptable to business;
  • preparation of quality and comprehensive accounting and financial data for external and internal users on terms and conditions acceptable to business;
  • effective distribution of human resources;
  • maximum automation of routine operations.

In their activities, VAC employees follow the customer care standard of Lietuvos Energija Group adapted to the company.