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About us

Verslo Aptarnavimo Centras UAB (VAC) belongs to the state-controlled national energy group Lietuvos Energija (hereinafter referred to as the Group). The company was established in 2014 to improve the processes supporting the core activities of the Group and to reduce its costs.

The activities of VAC are oriented towards support and servicing of the Group’s companies by providing public procurement, accounting and labour relations administration services. By concentrating the service functions in one company, VAC team consists of experts in all the above-mentioned fields delegated from the Group’s companies.

Through centralisation of the processes of public procurement, accounting and labour relations administration, VAC is trying to standardise them, to improve transparency and efficiency and to ensure their prompter completion. This supporting services concentration model conforms to the best practices applied in the world.

The establishment of the company offering specialised services marks a significant step forward towards the implementation of the Group’s corporate governance model. It offers substantial possibilities to contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals of Lietuvos Energija for 2014-2020, i.e. the diversification of activities of the Group’s companies, increasing operational efficiency, the formation of new organisational culture.

In its activities VAC follows the common values of the Group: responsibility, cooperation and results.